Dicompass SERVER

DICOMPASS SERVER is a group of software modules that are able to create, but also complement the existing information structure in your IT environment. If you have already purchased the product AMIS*PACS Flex Server from ICZ as and implementation of the following modules DICOMPASS servers will be very simple. AMIS*PACS Flex Server has prepared for those modules interface.

  • Update server
  • License server
  • Configuration server
  • Modality Worklist server
  • DEX ( DicomShare )

Update server

Update server provides delivery date version Dicompass at each station within the local network. It is not necessary to have a workstation operating sotware Dicompass internet. Connecting to the Internet must have only the update server.

License server

The license server allows the distribution of floating network license for the software Dicompass. It can therefore be installed Dicompass on multiple workstations that use the same modules. So it depends only on the number of simultaneously activated Dicompass stations.

The configuration server

The configuration server provides complete remote management of individual software installations Dicompass. From one place, you can quickly and elegantly change all installations Dicompassu (for example, change keyboard shortcuts, change resolution digitized video, etc…)

Modality Worklist server

Modality Worklist server is a server application that allows you to schedule a specific patient on a specific examination (device). Eg. MR, CT, digitizing station Dicompass, etc …

Modality Worklist server can be connected with the hospital information system.

DICOM MPEG-4 Encoder

A server application that listens for incoming DICOM C-Store requests when the incoming object in video format MPEG-2 , is running conversion to MPEG-4 (according to the DICOM Supplement 149) and after the completion of the newly created object is sent to the configured PACS. In addition, the conversion also occurs to remove interlace generated during digitization. All objects other formats are unchanged forwarded to the specified PACS. The real data is achieved by reduction of 8–20 % of the original file in order to extend the period during which you will be enough storage capacity to your store 5–10 times.


PACSFwd is an ideal solution if its PACS repository you want to maintain a consistent format ID patients (personal identification numbers) and name format. PACSFwd accepts images from other sources (such as the ePACS) and before it is transmitted further to check whether the specified data correspond to the convention established in the specific device (such as social security number without slashes, first letter in the name of a little rest …). If the data in order to automatically transmit images to a central repository. If the data are not ok, but they can be automatically repaired, this adjustment should be and images sent to a central repository. In the case of another problem Send an email message to the address and data allow to edit using the web interfac. About all received frames is also recorded in the register, which can be web-based interface cost.


DicomShare = Remote access to image documentation

DicomShare server provides secure encrypted access to image documentation in DICOM format from remote workstations without using VPN.

Benefits of using the system DicomShare :

  • No need of VPN connection (does not require access only from a specified IP)
  • Dicompass browser is completely free
  • Possibility to restrict access to Read / Write
  • The possibility of logging access data in PACS

Dicomshare i use the local network. In the PACS server is set only communication with DicomShare. This configuration has the following advantages:

  • No need to create a „bill“ each user station in PACS
  • Easy management of users
  • Secure connection to PACS

User authentication is implemented by defining a combination of user name and password, using a hardware key or a combination of both. Alternatively, you can set the allowed access from specific IP addresses without registration.

Without using hardware keys every time you start the browser Dicompass enter a user name and password. In the case of hardware keys can be DicomShare configured so that when the hardware key attached to the client computer requires a password. Price of a hardware key 1 995 CZK without VAT.

Full support DicomShare (DEX) is implemented in browsers Dicompass.


M2– Gate is a customizable server to manipulate and extract data from the PACS storage and offers obtained data eg for web applications. Server provides multiple serialized access to the operations carried out. The base contains the services C-STORE SCP, Query / Retrieve SCU and HL7 client, but the extension of services to the customer is not a problem for us. Examples of provided services may be, for example, loading dose irradiation schedule including names and structures, and the return of results to the client application text format or create a recording Modality Worklist via HL7 messages.